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In 2010 Paul Briggs challenged Danny Green for his IBO Cruiser Weight World Title after three and a half years out of the ring. The fight lasted 10 seconds and will be remembered as one of the most controversial moments in Australian boxing history.


Now that the dust has settled, Paul Briggs sits down to have his say on the fight and the impact it had on him personally and professionally. 

Directed, shot and edited by Matteo Grasso


The Smith Street Dan is a celebration of the exchange of energy that takes place between the audience and musicians at a live show. It is a feel-good film that has been screened at film festivals around the world and was a finalist at the 'Heart of Gold International Film Festival' in 2022.

Directed, shot and edited by Matteo Grasso



Medusa tells the story of Ashleigh Myers and her journey of self acceptance and empowerment that led to the birth of her drag alter-ego... Medusa Maneater. Originally made as an SAE Grad Film, Medusa has gone on to screen as a finalist and winner of film festivals around the world. 

Cinematography by Matteo Grasso


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